Telluride Horror Show 2019 Review Round-Up: Z and 1Br

This October, the Telluride Horror Show celebrated 10 years of fine horror programming. Held annually in Telluride, Colorado, this film festival prides itself on bringing an eclectic selection of feature films and shorts from the horror genre. In my third consecutive year of attendance, I navigated the programming guide like a veteran and did not sit through one screening that I hated. Here are my thoughts on two heavily psychological terror journeys, Z and 1Br, two of my favorites from the weekend.

Z: I can attest, from personal experience, that parenting is inherently creepy as hell. Children, specifically, are creepy as hell. The entire time you are shepherding this fledgling life you created, you are doubting every decision, overanalyzing every behavior, and unintentionally passing on your own issues. And this is on a good day.

Brandon Christensen's Z takes this already unnerving and relatable foundation and liberally spreads on the layer of an imaginary friend.

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