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New ‘Swat’ Spoilers For Season 3, October 30, 2019 Episode 5 Revealed

Hey, "S.W.A.T."fans. We are back to deliver a brand new set of spoiler scoops for you guys. These will be for the upcoming episode 5 of this current season 3. Thanks to the wonderful CBS folks, we've got a brand new press release for episode 5. It features a few teaser descriptions that we're going to tell you about right now. To get things started, CBS' press released revealed what this new episode 5 is officially titled. It's called,"The Lbc." That is definitely a fitting title based on what's coming up in this episode. It sounds like episode 5 will feature some very interesting, dramatic, intense and possible action-filled scenes as the Swat crew teams up with the Long Beach Police team for a massive case! Hondo serves up more drama. This time, with his father. Luca gets very overwhelmed and more. We'll go head and start off this spoiler session with the

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