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Greek Rebates Open Doors to International Co-Productions

Greek Rebates Open Doors to International Co-Productions

Not long ago, it would have been difficult for Greek production outfit Heretic to board a project such as “Do Not Hesitate,” an ambitious, Afghanistan-set war drama that is partly being filmed on the island of Crete.

But for Giorgos Karnavas, who is producing “Hesitate” alongside the Netherlands’ Lemming Film, the calculus has changed since Greece introduced a 35% cash rebate last year. “The cash rebate gives us the [ability] to step into projects that we would not be able to otherwise, and is also a tool to attract new projects that appeal to us,” Karnavas says.

The rebate has given a fresh jolt to an industry still recovering from the country’s crippling economic crisis, with a wave of majority and minority co-productions in the cards from Greek producers. The 35% cash rebate on qualifying spend is available to feature films, documentaries, TV drama series, animated films and digital games, with a

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