Film Review: ‘The Great Alaskan Race’

Film Review: ‘The Great Alaskan Race’

Based on the same real-life story that inspired the 1995 animated feature “Balto” and Disney’s forthcoming “Togo”, “The Great Alaskan Race” promises at the very least to be a satisfying movie for dog lovers. What else could one expect, as its poster consists of a husky’s face in giant closeup? Unfortunately, it turns out that very least is still too much to ask for from this handsome but hokey drama, which barely seems to notice its canine players amid a focus on one-dimensional humans.

Chief among them is writer-director-producer-star Brian Presley (best known for TV soap “Port Charles”), playing the man who successfully delivered serum to Nome with his dog team during a 1925 diphtheria epidemic — a near-miraculous run still commemorated annually by the Iditarod Trail competition. That triumph over extremely adverse conditions should make for an exciting physical adventure.

Bound to seem rather tedious to children, while most adults

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