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‘Scare Attraction’ DVD Review

Stars: Primrose Bigwood, Elliot Cable, Sonera Angel, Tony Fadil, Earl Ling, Jon-Paul Gates, Kit Pascoe, Rad Brown, Willie Coppen, Jimmy ‘The Bee’ Bennett, Can Somer | Written and Directed by Steven M. Smith

It’s October so it’s must be Halloween attraction-going time right? Well if the movies are anything to go by that’s definitely the case. The latest take on the Halloween scare attraction is literally that, a film called Scare Attraction, from British writer/director Steven M. Smith, who’s resume reads like a list of horror films to always avoid! Though to be fair to Smith his last direct to DVD title, The Haunting of Borley Rectory, seems to have found one hell of an audience in the UK, remaining on the official charts for what felt like and eternity

Scare Attraction tells the story of the titular venue, which is being visited by a couple of chavvy w@nkers,

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