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’100 Acres of Hell’ VOD Review

Stars: Gene Snisky, Jeff Swanton, Jim Roof, Ernest O’Donnell, Meg Carriero, Catherine Corcoran, Katie Walsh, Sam Anoai, Joel Ruda, Anthony Edward Curry, Brittany Ineson, Robert Waldron | Written by Jason L. Koerner, Ed McKeever, Gene Snisky | Directed by Hank Leigh Hump

What do you get when you put two former WWE superstars in the woods and have them go head-to-head on camera? Well you get 100 Acres of Hell apparently!

Starring Gene Snitsky (aka WWE’s Snitsky) in the lead role, and Sam Anoai (aka Samu in WWE) as the disfigured killer Jeb Tucker, 100 Acres of Hell is, essentially, your classic 80s backwoods slasher set in 2019. The cliches are all the same, the tropes of the genre are all there… in fact nothing has changed expect for the fact this time round its not a group of buxom young “teenagers” getting slaughtered, it is in fact a group of middle-aged wanna

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