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Documentary Review: Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema (2018) by Calum Waddell

As an avid fan of both exploitation and documentary, I could not easily find anything better to watch than a documentary about Hk cinema’s Cat III movies. Even more so, since James Mudge, a personal friend of mine and author of one of the most detailed guides in the category participates in the film, along a number of experts, like the director Calum Waddell and Sean Tierney (aka Silver Spleen), some of the actual protagonists of the films of the category, like Anthony Wong and Josie Ho, and some of their directors, like Godfrey Ho, who talk about both Cat III and their personal experiences.

The documentary starts with the history of the category, tracing it, as usually in Hk cinema, in the productions of Shaw Brothers and the influence of Run Run Shaw that allowed him to “ignore” censorship. The film “Men Behind the Sun” however, is considered

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