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Shudder in November: Re:born, A Bluebird In My Heart And Nekrotronic Take The Lead

The horror-day season does not end with Hallowe'en. Oh no. Shudder will continue to bring subscribers the thrills and chills right through the end of 2019 starting with an impressive selection of releases in November!  November on Shudder features something for everyone: stunning, martial-arts action horror in Re:born; an atmospheric noir thriller in the SXSW favorite A Bluebird In My Heart; and wild demonic sci-fi/horror fun with Nektrotronic from the creators of Wyrmwood. Plus, new library titles from horror masters Wes Craven, Dario Argento, George A. Romero and more.  Yes. Leading the charge will be Tak Sakiguchi in the martial arts action flick Re:Born, Belgian/French drama A Bluebird in my Heart and Aussie Techno Daemon hunting horror flick Nekrotronic from the Roache-Turner brothers.  As impressive...

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