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‘Deadtectives’ Review (Shudder)

Stars: Martha Higareda, Chris Geere, Tina Ivlev, José María de Tavira, David Newman, Cecelia Antoinette, Nuria Blanco, Emilio Savinni, Matías del Castillo, Valentina Zertuche | Written by Tony West, David Clayton Rogers | Directed by Tony West

Over the years we’ve had a ton of horror films that take the tropes of the TV “ghost hunter” show and use them to tell a terrifying tale. Although, for me, many of these films didn’t really work as a) they were often as schlocky as the shows they mirrored; and b) a Lot of them used the confines of found-footage, behind the camera views to tell their story. And I personally Hate the found-footage format!

However there seems to be a current tread for genre films to not only use the ghost-hunting format to tell a scary story but also to parody the trope as well. Recently we had Hoarders, which poked

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