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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review

Luigi is back at it again with his ghostbusting vacuum cleaner. Despite its title, Luigi’s Mansion 3 sees the less popular plumber fighting ghosts and solving puzzles as he ascends a hotel to find and free his trapped brother and friends. He must explore each uniquely-themed area to unlock the elevator button, taking him to the next floor up until he reaches the very top.

Luigi’s Mansion 3, developed by the same studio that created Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, continues the legacy of the series while building upon it. The development team expands on the franchise’s tried-and-tested gameplay while adding new, interesting mechanics and showcasing clever puzzles and boss designs. Each new level is its own adventure, and the variety between each means there isn’t a single dull moment to be had.

The game utilizes the Strobulb and Dark Light mechanics from Dark Moon while introducing new

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