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Animated Feature Hopefuls Come From All Over the Globe

Amid the big-budget Hollywood sequels jockeying for position, this year’s awards race has a sizable contingent of contenders from overseas, including both foreign-made films and co-productions. The pack is led by indie animation mainstay GKids, but Netflix has also entered the fray as a distribution partner and entries from China are slipping into the mix.

Pearl Studio and DreamWorks Animation’s “Abominable,” a family film set in modern-day China and featuring Chinese characters, is a major challenger. From its inception, the CG-animated Yeti adventure was a “true collaboration” between the two studios in terms of artistic leadership, according to Pearl chief creative officer Peilin Chou.

“It’s an historic co-production in the sense that we really worked side-by-side with DreamWorks in terms of creative decision-making,” she says.

From Spain, Sergio Pablos’ “Klaus” is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated contenders. The hand-drawn holiday feature, which arrives from Netflix on Nov.

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