New ‘Looney Tunes’ and Hanna-Barbera Animated Series ‘Jellystone’ to Debut on HBO Max

A new animated series featuring the “Looney Tunes” cartoon characters and another series called “Jellystone” featuring classic Hanna-Barbera characters are both coming to HBO Max from Warner Bros. Animation, it was announced Tuesday as part of the WarnerMedia Day presentation.

The two shows are part of a larger slate of kids programming planned for the new streaming service, including two shows both greenlit from Cartoon Network Studios — “Tig N’ Seek” and “The Fungies!” — and a hybrid live-action and animated comedy called “Tooned Out” from Robert Zemeckis that is also in development.

Classic cartoons from the “Looney Tunes,” “Merrie Melodies” and Hanna-Barbera libraries will also be available for streaming on WarnerMedia’s new platform. The cartoons, over 250 episodes in all, are shorts that debuted between 1930 and 1969 during the golden age of hand-drawn animation, and all the cartoons will be available at launch.

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