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Academy Opens Online ‘Screening Room’ for Oscar Contenders

Academy Opens Online ‘Screening Room’ for Oscar Contenders

Venerable as it may be, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is trying to keep up with the times. This year, finally–partly in response to the intense contracted award schedule this year, with the Oscars held February 9–the Academy alerted its members that those who can handle the technology will be able to view many Oscar contenders online, in time for the 2020 award season. Distributors must pay a charge of $10,000 per movie they upload for voters to sample. DVD screeners will still be supplied for members who are not tech-ready.

Documentaries, animated films, and shorts have already been made available for viewing on the Academy’s viewing site. The Academy is now adding narrative features via their own app, which will be on Apple TV (details below).

The exception is foreign-language films: Most of these films have no North American distributor. With a record 93 submissions this year, the

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