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Film Review: Matthew Barney’s ‘Redoubt’

Film Review: Matthew Barney’s ‘Redoubt’

We might as well call it “Dances With Wolves”: Compared to the nightmarish vision multimedia id-tickler Matthew Barney created his epic, five-film “Cremaster Cycle” (which suggested Hieronymus Bosch by way of Busby Berkeley) and his shocking six-hour followup, “River of Fundament”, the art-world adulte terrible’s wilderness-set new feature feels downright conventional.

“Redoubt” runs a relatively bladder-friendly two hours and 15 minutes. It contains none of the upsetting bodily fluids or functions that have repulsed his past audiences. The film features Barney himself as a grizzled mountain-man artist identified only as the “Engraver,” and it follows a linear plot loosely inspired by the myth of Diana, goddess of the hunt (professional sharpshooter and self-described “30 Cal Gal” Anette Wachter), and Actaeon, the mortal trespasser whom she turned into a stag (that would be Barney’s character).

— and even they should be mollified by the end-credits claim that “Hunting scenes … were staged using special effects.

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