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Brazilian projects dominate Doclisboa's Arché awards - Doclisboa 2019 - Doclisboa Arché

The Safest Place in the World won the main prize and Babado received €1,000, while Peruvian-French project The Memory of Butterflies got the Arquipélago residency. Doclisboa's Arché event, a laboratory of professional activities aimed at directors, producers and other film professionals from Iberoamerican countries and Italy, held its fifth edition this year during the festival (17-27 October). This time around, 13 projects from Portugal, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Italy, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain and Mexico took part in preparation and pitching with their tutors Andrés Duque, Karen Akerman and Virginia García del Pino. The Rtp Award for best project in the post-production stage, worth €25,000, went to The Safest Place in the World by Brazilian filmmakers Aline Lata (Obsession) and Helena Wolfenson (Corpos Livres). Produced by Evelyn Mab and Priscilla Pomerantzeff of the Sao Paolo-based company Krassivaya Filmes, the film portrays the last three years in the life of...

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