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Film Review: Devil Fetus (1983) by Lau Hung-chuen

The integration of the Cat. III rating on the Hong Kong film industry in the late 1970s proved to be a real boon for filmmakers to delve into the exploitation realm already on display in America and Europe at the time. While Lau Hung-chuen’s celebrated possession/creature feature effort “Devil Fetus” might fall outside the sphere of influence and importance of some of its compatriots in the scene, there’s little else needed to see the fun of this bizarre and over-the-top ride.

After buying a strange vase at an auction, a woman and her grandmother Granny Cheng (Ouyang Sha-fei) return home with the object which soon involves both her and her husbands’ mysterious deaths. Years later, her sons Kent (Eddie Chan) and Kwo Wei (San Leung) are gathered at Granny Cheng’s with his mother for a birthday party with Juju (Liu Hsiu-ling), a family

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