Film Review: ‘Badland’

Writer-director Justin Lee carves another notch on his six-shooter — or at least another credit on his IMDb page — with “Badland,” his third indie Western (after the direct-to-video titles “Any Bullet Will Do” and “A Reckoning”) to be released within the past two years. This time out, Lee is working with a budget that allows for more polished production values and a larger number of familiar faces in the supporting cast, all of which may help him attract an audience beyond the chronically underserved demographic of die-hard western fans who often must settle for less when they’re checking out the new DVD/Blu-ray releases at stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

Better still, the new film — which opens theatrically in 11 markets Nov. 1 simultaneously with on-demand and digital HD release — is, taken on its own terms, a solidly crafted piece of work that, despite its leisurely pacing, manages to infuse a

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