Titans Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Atonement

The Titans are over ... for now. 

Dick finally came clean on Titans Season 2 Episode 9 in an attempt to clear his conscience following Jericho's death, but by the end of the hour, the former hero made the biggest sacrifice of all. 

He's been struggling throughout the past two seasons, and it's only in recent episodes that we've understood that he's felt guilty for everything that's happened. 

Hank, Dawn, Donna, Jason, Rose, and Rachel leaving the team made him understand that he had to find a way to make up for his sins, but the last thing I expected was for him to have a verbal beatdown with Slade freaking Wilson. 

Conner: So, where is everyone? I mean, the Titans.

Gar: I guess you could say they're taking a break.

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Dick owed an apology to Jericho's mom because he manipulated

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