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Toronto Film: "The Boys", "The Expanse", "Jupiter's Legacy"

From TorontoFilm.Net here is the Toronto Film Production Update for November 2019 including "The Boys", "The Expanse", "Jupiter's Legacy" and a whole lot more:

Coroner Season 2

Episodic Series – TV

Coroner 2 Productions (Ontario) Inc.

Prod.: Suzanne Colvin-Golding

Dir.: Adrienne Mitchell, Winne Jong, Charles Officer

Aug 19 – Nov 6/19

Cosmic Dawn

Feature Films – Theatrical

CosmicDawn Entertainment Inc.

Prod.: Joseph Raso, Mark Raso, Brian Robertson

Sept 30 - Nov 1/19

Daughter Dearest

Movies for Television

Reel One Entertainment

Prod.: Gilles Laplante, Neil Bregman

Dir: Michelle Ouellet

Oct 28 - Nov 12/19

Dodge And Miles Season 1

Episodic Series – Streaming

Sagia Productions Inc./

CBS Studios

Prod.: John Weber

Dir: Phil Abraham

Sep 23 - Nov 22/19

Endlings Season 2

Episodic Series – TV

Sinking Ship Entertainment Inc.

Co-Prod.: Alexis Grieve

Line Prod.: Eric Beldowski

Dir.: Various

Sep 30/19 - Jan 31/20

Ginny & Georgia

Season 1

Episodic Series – Streaming

Netflix / Blue Ice Pictures

Prod.: Claire Welland

Dir.: various


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