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‘Empire’ Spoilers For Season 6, November 12, 2019 Episode 6 Revealed

Hey, fellow "Empire" fans. We are back at you ,tonight, to deliver the spoiler skinny on what's coming up in the next, new episode 6, which is scheduled to air next week. We hope you guys enjoyed tonight's episode 5. It finally aired after being delayed for two friggin weeks. Anyways,Fox served up a new press release for episode 6,and it features a whole bunch of teaser descriptions. So, we're going to run those by you right now. For starters, episode 6 is officially titled,"Heart Of Stone." It sounds like episode 6 will feature some pretty interesting, somewhat devious and possible dramatic scenes as Cookie, Carol and Candace get away for a girl's trip. Lucious has a bad interaction with Leah! Andre makes a bold decision. Giselle goes behind Beckey's back and more! We'll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Candace, Carl and Cookie situation. It turns out

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