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Streamers Leading the Charge in Representing the Military Community in Films

While theatrical exhibitors continue to reap profits showcasing the stories of military men and women on the big screen, streaming services have not only become a destination for smaller and sometimes lesser-known projects, but have also provided a new and expanding opportunity to serve the veteran community with more consistent and eclectic depictions of heroism and sacrifice. Content providers like Netflix, FandangoNow and Amazon — in both acquiring titles from smaller distributors and developing them specifically for in-house production companies — are leading the charge in supplying the military community with expanded entertainment and representation on screen.

The challenge for many of these services is to assemble enough titles for veterans and their families to feel like they have a variety of options, not to mention service the dozens of other communities seeking movies and shows that reflect their experiences and culture. Cameron Douglas, the head of FandangoNow, tells Variety that they

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