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CBS Orders Sports-Themed Show ‘Game On!’ From James Corden

CBS has ordered a sports-themed game show “Game On!” from James Corden, based on the U.K. series “A League of Their Own,” that Corden hosts himself.

Keegan-Michael Key will host the U.S. version. He will be joined by Venus Williams and Rob Gronkowski, who will serve as team captains, while Bobby Lee and Iam Karmel will serve as comedian panelists.

Equal parts comedy and game show, the genre-busting “Game On!” pits two teams of three, captained by Williams and Gronkowski, with comedians Lee and Karmel plus a rotating mix of sports stars, comedians and celebrities, against one another.

The teams will go head to head in over-the-top physical challenges, from seeing who can dunk the most basketballs over a tank of water while harnessed on a bungee cord, to taking on a sumo wrestler in the ring. They will also have their sports-related knowledge tested with trivia questions,

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