Last Christmas Review: Emilia Clarke Can't Save Slushy Rom-Com

Last Christmas is a nostalgic rom-com that plays to Emilia Clarke's strengths. But when the actual romance fails, there's a problem.




It’s taken too long for Emilia Clarke to star in a romantic comedy. Bubbly to a fault, the English actor has a general disposition akin to a greeting card. Not that you would guess it from her actual calling card as the platinum haired Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones who ordered one, two, and then thousands to immolation for nearly 10 years. Sadly, Hollywood has virtually abandoned romantic comedies as it has almost all mid-budget films, leaving a presence like Clarke relegated to uninspired blockbusters like Solo: A Star Wars Story or Terminator Genisys.

So, in theory, Last Christmas should feel like a homecoming: a movie that’s warm-hearted and buried under globs of Christmas lighting and sugar. But this is the kind of film that is insistently,

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