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Russian Production Embraces Genre Movies as Well as Arthouse and Family Pics

This year, 831 Loews is home to the “Created in Moscow” brand, which allies 17 Russian companies. The branding is supported by the Moscow Export Center, which recognizes the contribution made by the creative industries to the Russian economy. The “Created in Moscow” lineup will be featured in a presentation on the Venice stage at the Loews building on Nov. 7 at 10 a.m.

Although Russia has many fine arthouse auteurs, at Afm buyers can find a strong selection of commercial, mainstream titles from Russia, including many genre pics and CG animated features.

Eugenia Markova, director of industry relations at Russia’s Expocontent, says: “Russia is facing year-on-year 20% sales growth on the global market. The local film industry is not only about art-house and animation – although these two are traditionally strong. Russia is producing more and more original content of all types and genres, targeting wider audiences.”

Art Pictures Studio is selling helmer Fedor Bondarchuk’s “Invasion,

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