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The Flash: Captain Cold Takes Over Central City

Jim Dandy Nov 11, 2019

Central City has fallen to the Rogues in this exclusive preview of The Flash #82

The most impressive thing about what Joshua Williamson and his creative collaborators have pulled off in The Flash is making one continuous four year run feel like one long story. We're about to be 82 issues plus several annuals in, and the last few issues have been notable in how they're pulling together threads from far back in the run to add a sense of culmination to the story. To be able to do that is an impressive feat; to be able to do that around a massive, linewide crossover like Year of the Villain is a great accomplishment.

This upcoming issue is the start of a new arc, and as you can see from the preview, it jumps forward a bit from where the last one left off. The last one seemingly tied

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