Blood Window Announces 2019 Wip and World Premiere Lineup (Exclusive)

Blood Window Announces 2019 Wip and World Premiere Lineup (Exclusive)

Ventana Sur’s Blood Window sidebar for projects and films in progress has been a standout event on the Latin horror calendar since its launch in 2013, and is one of the Buenos Aires market’s most popular sections.

In the following years, it has become a key two-way conduit between Latin American and international festivals and box offices.

To that end, one of coordinator Javier Fernández’s primary focuses for this year’s seventh edition is to “continue promoting our collaboration with fantastic international film festivals and industry events,” he explained to Variety ahead of the December event.

This year’s Blood Window Spotlight on International Projects includes five works brought to Buenos Aires by the Bucheon Korea International Fantastic Film Festival (Bifan), Sitges Catalunya Fantastic Film Festival and Bif-Market from the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival and Nordic Genre Invasion.

Three of the selected projects are features: Norway’s “Alpha

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