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Doc NYC Review: ‘Unschooled’ is a Frustrating Portrait of a Controversial School

The most meaningful educational experiences often take place around the kind of classroom learning that is prescribed in a curriculum, the “ah-ha” moments that lead to true development. Those are the lessons that stick with you for years and this is essentially what Peter Bergson and his Open Connections sought to offer in the upscale suburbs of Philadelphia. The 73-year-old Bergson and his wife Susan Shilcock, both retired educators, operated essentially a facility classified as a home school that encouraged learning through play. They offered an experimental educational experience to students with significantly more resources and parental support than those in the inner-city, a place where Bergson would move to next.

Picking up the story from there and filming over the course of three years, Rachel Beth Anderson and Timothy Grucza’s Unschooled examines Bergson’s latest endeavor, Natural Creativity. A cross between a charter school and youth center, it

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