Disney Plus Confirms When Missing Star Wars And Marvel Movies Will Arrive

There’s a ton of great content for subscribers to binge on Disney Plus, but there are also some notable omissions on the platform. For example, fans of the two biggest franchises in the world might notice that there are a few Star Wars and Marvel properties absent from the available options of what to watch. Thankfully, Disney already knows there’s going to be demand for these movies and has confirmed when the missing films will be hitting the new streaming service.

By searching for each of these titles on the app, users will be directed to the flick’s home page. There, they’ll discover the exact date when these installments will be available to watch.

In order to save you some time, here’s the complete list in chronological order:

Thor: Ragnarok – December 5, 2019 Star Wars: The Last Jedi – December 26, 2019 Black Panther – March 4, 2020 Avengers: Infinity War – June 25, 2020 Solo: A Star Wars Story

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