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'Frozen 2' is coming soon! Here's why these 7 Indian kids just can't let it go

Cinema"Most fairytales don't feature two girls. Also, the two girls look totally different from each other," says 10-year-old Pranaya. Sowmya Rajendran"Elsa, the past is not what it seems." Thus begins the trailer of Frozen 2, the sequel to Disney's hugely successful 2013 animated film Frozen directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The line is typical of stories in the fantasy genre where the protagonist learns something new about their past in subsequent installments. However, it's also a befitting comment on fairytales about princesses that seldom allow their "good" female protagonists any agency. The ones who are powerful are immediately characterised as wicked and are defeated or killed. Frozen was hailed as an important feminist film when it released, though some were not really convinced about Disney's intentions. The film was inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's fairytale, The Snow Queen. While the titular Snow Queen in the story is the chief villain,

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