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Disney+ Content Warnings On Sensitive Depictions In Films Causes A Stir Among Subscribers

The new Disney+ is also Disney-, as the studio’s streaming service apparently is being cautious about what it will showcase, keeping some materials in the vault while warning of sensitive content in other cases.

The new subscription service debuted Tuesday and already has caused fans and media to notice what isn’t available. From feature-length films to cartoons, the studio apparently is being very sensitive to problematic materials that could cause upset because of heightened racial and social awareness in the years since initial release.

While it was expected that Disney’s 1946 film Song of the South in any formatnever would be a part of the new service — the film has not been seen for 33 years because of its insensitive racial imagery — there are other film and tv projects that are on the service that are being treated carefully.

The 1941 film Dumbo has been issued without cuts, but a

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