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Greedo Actor Doesn’t Understand Latest Star Wars: A New Hope Change Either

The Han/Greedo confrontation in Star Wars: A New Hope is infamous as it’s gone through many iterations over the years, with George Lucas continually tinkering with the method of the Rodian bounty hunter’s death in the Mos Eisley cantina. The latest twist on the scene comes from the Disney Plus version of the franchise’s original movie and this time, it features a very mystifying addition.

In this version, Han and Greedo shoot each other at practically the same time, with the latter missing, which somewhat fixes the previous changes but doesn’t revert back to Han completely beating Greed to the trigger. But this isn’t the real talking point of the update, as just before he dies, Greedo now cries something that sounds like “Maclunkey!” But what does the word mean?

Well, don’t ask Greedo voice actor Paul Blake, as he revealed to Empire

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