Infinite Earths and Other Worlds: The Best and Worst Alternate Realities

Fans of the Arrowverse were first introduced to the multiverse, the idea of parallel worlds with parallel versions of our beloved characters on, The Flash Season 2 Episode 2.

Since then, our heroes have encountered multiple earths, including but not limited to:

Earth II, where Black Siren, Zoom, Harry Wells, and Jesse Quick came from

Earth III, where Jay Garrick came from

Earth 38 where Supergirl takes place Earth X, where nazis reigned supreme and Kara was involved with Oliver. 

The theory of a multiverse is fascinating, but the Arrowverse is not the first show to go there. Oh, we can give credit to the comics circa 1961 and debate whether Marvel or DC did it first, but we're talking TV here.

And for TV, there is also a long history of parallel worlds.

In some cases, these worlds are fantasies, in others, a true parallel reality. However they came about, these shows gave

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