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Bo Report: ‘Ford v Ferrari’ outpaces ‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot

Ford v Ferrari’

It was no-contest between Fox/Chernin Entertainment’s Ford v Ferrari and Sony Pictures’ Charlie’s Angels reboot at Australian cinemas last weekend.

Paradoxically, James Mangold’s drama based on the 1966 Le Mans race between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari opened marginally below the Us but streets ahead of Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels which, however, outperformed the dismal Us bow.

Exhibitors were hoping for more from both titles. “Things are difficult in cinema land at the moment,” says Wallis Cinemas’ soon-to-depart programming manager Sasha Close. “It seems audiences might be waiting for the big Disney films, with Frozen 2 opening on November 28 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker launching on December 19.

“Both Ford v Ferrari and Charlie’s Angels fell slightly short of our estimates. Whilst Ford v Ferrari may be propelled along for a few weeks by good word of mouth and reviews, the Charlie’s Angels reboot

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