‘The Mask 2’ might be happening, according to new rumblings

This has popped up before, but new rumours have surfaced in regards to a follow-up to one of Jim Carrey’s biggest movies, The Mask. A source, albeit ‘a less than trustful source’ over at Movieweb, has heard that a sequel might be in the works to attempt to bring Carrey’s Stanley Ipkiss back to the screen in a new film. The film was based on the Dark Horse Comics property of the same name and we did hear a little while back that a female reboot might be in the works which, we are assuming wouldn’t bring back the Stanley Ipkiss character. More on The Mask sequel news below.

The Mask was released 25 years ago back in the summer of 1994 with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Peter Greene amongst the cast. It was actually Diaz’s first major film role, but it is not known as

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