Ghost Loop Series Breaks Malevolent Psychic Cycles

Tony Sokol Nov 20, 2019

Travel Channel’s new series Ghost Loop empowers spirits to break free from repetitive bad habits.

A "ghost loop" happens when paranormal entities terrorize the living through endless and repetitive supernatural cycles, manifesting over and over in the same location. Travel Channel’s upcoming new series Ghost Loop will attempt to break cycles of trapped paranormal activity and restore peace by drawing out each spirit through re-created trigger environments. The new eight-episode series premieres on Saturday, Jan. 4 at 10 p.m.

In each hour-long episode, a team of experts will examine and research their client’s property and history and perform a preliminary paranormal investigation and come up with a plan to stop the haunting. "Whether it’s building a 1900s-era train compartment, replicating a tavern from the 1850s, or constructing a 19th century baby’s nursery, the team uses each emotionally charged setting to draw out the entities during intense follow-up investigations,

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