Catching up With All My Children's Jamie Luner (Exclusive)

Spend a little time on Jamie Luner's social media and you'll see pretty quickly that All My Children's former Liza Colby is all about positivity and exploring new things. "I'm in one of the most beautiful places right now," she shared with Soaps In Depth, adding that she’s feeling creatively inspired, empowered and centered. “I’ve gone through so much in life that now I feel this sense of, ‘Oh, got it.’ I’ve got all these tools to make amazing choices." Recently, the actress took on a surprising role for which she might be long remembered: larger-than-life, evil elf queen La Befana in My Adventures With Santa. “I hadn’t done a Christmas movie” before, she explained, “and I hadn’t really done anything that was [geared toward] kids." "I wore these big elf queen ears and fun costumes and shoes," Luner said. "It was wonderful getting to be so 'big' as a character.

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