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Movie Poster of the Week: Mexican Art Posters from the Black Canvas Film Festival

Above: You Have the Night. Art by Valeria Alvarez.Last month, the three year old Black Canvas Festival de Cine Contemporáneo in Mexico City unveiled an interesting project. The festival commissioned eleven young female Mexican (or Mexico-based) artists and illustrators to create alternative posters for the films in their New Horizon competition (a section devoted to debut or sophomore films by international filmmakers). The results, which were exhibited during the festival, are in an exciting variety of styles—from monochrome pen and ink to colorful vector graphics to needlepoint (!)—and give us a chance to get to know a group of young, talented female artists. More information on each is linked below.Above: Again Once Again. Art by Manuela Eguía.Above: Behind the Shutters. Art by Anabel Venegas.Above: Bird Island. Art by Iurhi Peña.Above: Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream. Art by Liz Mevill.Above: Last Night I Saw You Smiling.

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