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How Editors Help Audiences Discover Oscar-Contending Stories

How Editors Help Audiences Discover Oscar-Contending Stories

Editors for many of this year’s most-lauded movies were careful to let the audience feel they were making their own discoveries as the stories unfolded.

“We had a structure that was so bold and the [deliberate] pace of the movie, which is slower than the way movies are often done today,” says Thelma Schoonmaker, three-time Academy Award winner and editor on director Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman.” “Marty’s other great idea was, don’t explain. Don’t explain too much for the audience. Respect the audience’s ability to stay with the movie and understand, because if you keep bombarding them with facts, it just turns into a documentary, and he didn’t want that. So we hardly restructured at all.”

Editors often arbitrate between the perspectives of characters. Audiences might want to side with one person or another, but the goal of a filmmaker might be something much deeper.

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