John Carter Star Says He Doesn’t Think The Movie Was A Failure

Disney is the most successful movie studio by a mile. They’ve got Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar and after acquiring 20th Century Fox, you can add Deadpool and the rest of the X-Men franchise to that stacked lineup, too. Oh, I almost forgot. They also have a little property in Avatar with endless sequels in the works. Long story short: the Mouse House is doing just fine financially.

It also means they can afford a few misfires along the way. Dumbo and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil didn’t connect with audiences, but it’s okay because Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King and Toy Story 4 made (checking the numbers) all the money.

Perhaps Disney’s most notorious flop though is the 2012 sci-fi fantasy, John Carter. Andrew Stanton had directed two of the more successful Pixar films in Finding Nemo and Wall-e, so the studio decided to give him a shot at live-action.

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