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‘The Boonies’ Review

Stars: Cody Ko, Amymarie Gaertner, Lauren Elizabeth, Chris Galya, Kyle Jones, Andi Matichak, Calum Worthy, Wyntergrace Williams, Gigi Zumbado, Logan Garretson | Written and Directed by Brad T. Gottfred

The Boonies, and yes that is undoubtedly a play on That more famous 80s action-adventure comedy, sees five seniors – who were childhood best friends who nicknamed themselves The Boonies – become reunited after a dead classmates video reveals a million dollar treasure hunt inside Boone high school

I’m not going to lie, about 30 minutes into The Boonies I realised that I’d totally zoned out and was not paying attention to what was going on in the film. Why? Well for a lot of this films initial running time it’s a cliched, stereotypical character-filled, homage to the kids films of the 80s. But a bad homage. Maybe it’s because the title is a riff on The Goonies and I was expecting something more,

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