All My Children Stars: Where Are They Now?

For over four decades, soap fans tuned in to watch All My Children and grew quite attached to both their favorite characters as well as the actors who portrayed them. While viewers haven't been able to visit Pine Valley since 2013, those stars have continued their careers, some taking them in rather unexpected directions! So we thought we'd catch up with seven of your AMC faves and see what they've been up to! Browse through the gallery below to see the stars then… and find out what they're doing now! For more on what your favorite AMC stars are up to, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine. This story originally appeared in our print magazine More from ABC Soaps In Depth Catching up With AMC Alum Jamie Luner (Exclusive) Vincent Irizarry Looks Back at His Epic Career (Exclusive) Michael E. Knight Dishes His Future at Gh (Exclusive

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