John Carter Star Thanks Netflix For The Movie’s Mini-Resurgence

2012’s John Carter has gone down in history as a misfire for Disney, who banked on Pixar’s Andrew Stanton to deliver the goods with his first live-action movie. The result was a flop, and a major blow to the star credentials of lead Taylor Kitsch. Seven years on, though, and John Carter has built a cult following, with Kitsch defending the film as being better than originally given credit for. Furthermore, he’s pointed to Netflix’s streaming of the movie as a key reason for why audiences are now finding the picture.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kitsch had this to say about how Netflix has boosted John Carter‘s profile:

“I think it got another life when it went on Netflix not long ago, maybe a year ago or something, but, yes, to be blunt. People stop me all the time for that, especially in Europe. It’s had a little mini-resurgence.

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