Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Conflict

The Deus Group hack is underway as Mr. Robot delivers a thrilling midseason episode that feels like a series finale.




This Mr. Robot review contains spoilers.

Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9

After nearly a half dozen episodes of Mr. Robot Season 4 spinning in place, “Conflict” finally gives us the promised showdown between Elliot and Whiterose that we’ve all been waiting for.

The result? The best and most satisfying episode of the season to date.

For the past few weeks, Mr. Robot has done pretty much everything but tell the story the season premiere initially promised. We’ve had holiday-themed detours involving sparkling winter forests and drunk Santas, random dates, kidnappings, betrayals and an entire hour devoted to the revelation that Elliot’s multiple personality disorder is a product of sexual abuse at the hands of his father. All of these stories, taken individually, have been fairly fascinating and compelling,

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