Quaid Pro Quo: The Best of Dennis Quaid

Today sees the DVD release of The Intruder, a new film in which Dennis Quaid plays the ex-owner of a house who doesn’t take too kindly to the new owners when he is forced to sell it. The psychological thriller was directed by Deon Taylor and written by David Loughery and gives Quaid the opportunity to terrify audiences with an intensity which marked out much of his best work. To that end Cai Ross looks back at some of his greatest roles.

For about 20 years, Dennis Quaid was Hollywood’s nearly-man. Following a break-out performance in Peter Yates’s wonderful cycling drama Breaking Away in 1979, it seemed that the world might just have found its new James Dean. Impressive performances in Walter Hill’s familial Western The Long Riders (alongside elder sibling Randy and a host of Keach and Carradine brothers) and Philip Kaufman’s epic space drama The Right Stuff,

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