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Media Investment Firms Snap Up Former Hollywood Execs Set Adrift by Mergers

The shake-out in media and entertainment after a few years of mergers, cost-cutting initiatives and massive restructurings has thrust many experienced executives back onto the job market — but they’re not all landing at mainstream Hollywood companies. A growing number of them are making their way into new roles as partners, advisers or entrepreneurs-in-residence at private equity and venture capital funds.

The burst of available executive talent has coincided with an upsurge of interest among investors in putting money into media and related businesses. Now that the dust is settling on the Disney-Fox, AT&T-Time Warner and Comcast-Sky megamergers, veteran observers see the next wave of industry consolidation coming through transactions greased with private equity capital. Some executives are lining up to be in a good position to help prospective new owners operate TV, film and digital content and distribution acquisitions.

Gary Newman, former co-head of Fox Television Group, is

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