Quentin Tarantino Names Doctor Sleep As One Of The Best Movies Of 2019

Anyone with even a passing interest in the works of Quentin Tarantino will be aware that the Academy Award winning filmmaker has a virtually encyclopedic knowledge of cinema, from big budget blockbusters all the way down to some of the most obscure movies ever made. When the 56 year-old isn’t busy making or promoting his own flicks, he tends to devour as many as possible in his spare time, and the Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs director has now revealed his somewhat surprising favorite three movies of 2019.

Awards Ace editor-in-chief Erik Weber stated on Twitter that he’d asked Tarantino to name his top picks from this year, and while he unsurprisingly named Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman as his favorite, with the legendary filmmaker’s latest crime epic positioned alongside Tarantino’s own Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as one of awards season’s frontrunners, his second and

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