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Film Review: A Better Tomorrow (1986) by John Woo

The mark of a true classic movie is its capacity to transcend time. “A Better Tomorrow” has been in recent years remade in Korea (Watchable) and in China (Surprisingly good!). It has had sequels and entered popular culture albeit not necessarily for the right reasons.

A sudden introduction of Kit (Leslie Cheung) being shot is revealed to be a nightmare before transitioning to a more lighthearted fashion to open the movie. As we see Ho (Ti Lung) and Mark (Chow Yun Fat) initially fooling around before Joseph Koo’s memorable score kicks in as a montage of the money laundering part of their gangland roles is shown, culminating in the first famous image of the movie as Mark burns a freshly produced counterfeit note.

Ho is to go on a visit to Taiwan with underling Shing (Waise Lee) but first goes to see his younger brother Kit graduate as a police officer.

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