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Box Office Bomb: ‘Playmobil’ Flops in Historic Fashion

Box Office Bomb: ‘Playmobil’ Flops in Historic Fashion

Playmobil: The Movie” will make box office history, but certainly not in the way it intended. Stx’s animated adventure generated less than $1 million despite launching in 2,337 North American theaters and now stands as one of the worst opening weekends of all time.

Playmobil” scraped together just $668,000 over the weekend, marking the third-lowest debut ever for a film that was playing in over 2,000 locations. The only movies to suffer worse fates were 2012’s “The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure” and 2008’s “Delgo”.

North American theater chains and regional venues offered the film for $5, significantly less than the average ticket price in U.S. of roughly $9. Children’s tickets can run up to $15 in major markets like New York or Los Angeles. But even heavily discounted prices weren’t enough of an incentive. Since it’s already a competitive time of year for moviegoing, the studio will struggle to hold

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