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Film Review: Kuntilanak 2 (2019) by Rizal Mantovani

After the success of the previous entry, prolific genre director Rizal Mantovani and star Sandrinne Michelle returned less than a year later with the rest of the adapted brothers and sisters to continue the saga in a new sequel effort. Expanding on the legend of the vengeful vampire ghost Kuntilanak that was incorporated in the first effort with hints of fairy-tale elements including “Hansel and Gretel” and other children’s stories, this new sequel wasn’t as big a hit as expected, but still offers some worthwhile elements.

Following their escape from the ghost, Kresna (Andryan Bima), Miko (Ali Fikry), Panji (Adiu Fahrezi) and Ambar (Ciara Nadine Brosnan) try to put their past behind them as they stay with Dinda (Sandrinna Michelle), their older sister. When she receives news that her biological mother named Karmilla (Karina Suwandhi) has contacted her and wants to meet up, against her aunt’s wishes

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