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‘Soundtrack’ on Netflix: TV Review

Netflix’s new musical drama “Soundtrack,” from “Smash” executive producer Joshua Safran, is a deeply frustrating entry to the genre. Originally pitched as “Mixtape” for broadcast network TV, “Soundtrack” uses a vague framework of “Love songs are good” to have its characters lip-sync existing songs — by artists ranging from Demi Lovato to Joni Mitchell —at sporadic moments throughout the series. In two intertwining timelines, romantic leads Sam and Nellie — played with verve by Paul James (“Greek”) and Callie Hernandez (“Under the Silver Lake”)— circle each other and express their frustrations to the tune of Imagine Dragons and St. Vincent. Their concerned mother figures Antoinette (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and Margot (Madeleine Stowe) pace across the screen to Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton. Nellie’s father, Frank (Campbell Scott), fittingly embraces classic dad rock, while Sam’s struggling cousin Dante (Jahmil French) prefers The Weeknd.

Though the series opens with Sam earnestly gushing

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